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Personal Information Managers
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Artes (1) Common Rotation (4) Guides and Directories (3)
Ciencia y tecnología (1) Como, Perry (6) Health (14)
Computación e Internet (1) Concrete Blonde (5) News and Media (6)
Deportes y tiempo libre (5) Connelly, Chris (6) Recreation and Sports (4)
Economía y negocios (20) Connors, Stompin' Tom (2) Society and Culture (12)
Educación (7) Conway, Russ (7) Travel and Tourism (6)
Gobierno (3) Cook, Jesse (2) Religion (6)
Noticias y medios (0) Cooke, Sam (7) Bands and Artists (187)
Salud (1) Coolio (5) Clubs and Venues (5)
Sociedad (6) Cooper, Alice (34) DJs (9)
Viajes y turismo (8) Cooper, Ray (5) Education (16)
Arts and Entertainment (1) Cooper Temple Clause, The (4) Instruments (1)
Business and Economy (32) Cope, Julian (13) Styles (30)
Education (3) Copeland, Stewart (5) Bailey, Thurl (2)
Health (3) Coptic Rain (2) Baker, Vin (2)
Recreation and Sports (2) Cornell, Chris (7) Barkley, Charles (2)
Society and Culture (2) Corporate Avenger (2) Barlow, Thomas (1)
Travel and Tourism (1) Corrosion of Conformity (4) Barros, Dana (2)
C-Murder (2) Corrs, The (89) Barry, Brent (0)
Cabaret Voltaire (6) Coryell, Julian (4) Barry, Rick (2)
Cadogan, Kevin (2) Costa, Nikka (3) Battie, Tony (1)
Caffey, Charlotte (3) Costello, Elvis (24) Battier, Shane (4)
Cage, Joel (2) Cotton, Josie (3) Baylor, Elgin (1)
Cake (10) Cotton Mather (2) Beaty, Zelmo (1)
Cake Like (4) Couch, Danny (3) Beckman, John (1)
Caldwell, Kimberly (8) Counting Crows (22) Belov, Sergei (1)
Cale, J. J. (6) Count Zero (2) Bender, Jonathan (2)
Cale, John (8) Court, Susan (2) Benoit, David (1)
California Guitar Trio (4) Cousins, Tina (10) Best, Travis (1)
Call, The (2) Cousin Kevin (2) Bibby, Mike (8)
Calla (1) Coverdale, David (5) Billups, Chauncey (0)
Callaway, Ann Hampton (3) Cowboy Junkies (22) Bird, Larry (7)
Callen, Michael (3) Cowboy Mouth (11) Bodiroga, Dejan (1)
Calling, The (26) Cowsills, The (2) Bogues, Muggsy (5)
Cam'ron (3) Cox, Deborah (6) Bol, Manute (3)
Camarosmith (2) Coxon, Graham (9) Borgmann, Bernard (1)
Camel (5) CPR (2) Boykins, Earl (2)
Cameo (2) Cracker (8) Bradley, Bill (2)
Camouflage (4) Cradle of Filth (35) Bradley, Shawn (3)
Campbell, Glen (5) Cramps, The (4) Brand, Elton (3)
Campbell, Tevin (4) Cranberries (36) Brandon, Terrell (1)
Camper Van Beethoven (6) Cranes (10) Brennan, Joseph (1)
Can (13) CrashPalace (2) Brown, Dee (2)
Canadian Bush Party (2) Crash Test Dummies, The (11) Brown, P.J. (1)
Candide (2) Craving Theo (2) Bryant, Kobe (24)
Candlebox (5) Crawford, Billy (2) Buechler, Jud (2)
Candlemass (3) Crazy Town (17) Bullard, Matt (0)
Candy Butchers (2) Cream (8) Domov (174)
Candy Snatchers, The (1) Creed (71) Hry (302)
Cane 141 (2) Creedence Clearwater Revival (29) Kultura (1894)
Canibus (7) Creeper Lagoon (2) Nakupování (637)
Canned Heat (4) Crenshaw, Marshall (3) Obchod a služby (1552)
Cannibal Corpse (9) Crespo, Elvis (1) Po?íta?e (1191)
Cantrell, Blu (13) Crime and the City Solution (4) Reference (397)
Cantrell, Jerry (4) Croce, Jim (6) Regiony (3806)
Capercaillie (3) Crocketts, The (3) Spole?nost (1106)
Captain and Tennille, The (4) Crosby, David (4) Sporty (1515)
Caputo, Keith (4) Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (16) V?da (196)
Cara, Irene (2) Cross, David (2) Volný ?as (1418)
Carcass (3) Cross My Heart (4) Zdraví (300)
Cardiacs, The (1) Crow, Sheryl (54) Zpravodajství (69)
Cardigans, The (8) Crowbar (5) Domov (174)
Carey, Mariah (106) Crowded House (10) Hry (302)
Carey, Tony (2) Crowell, Rodney (3) Kultura (1894)
Carlisle, Belinda (25) Cruel Sea, The (8) Nakupování (637)
Carlos, Wendy (2) Crumar, Phil (3) Obchod a služby (1552)
Carlstrom, Emily (3) Crushdown (1) Po?íta?e (1191)
Carlton, Vanessa (22) Cryan' Shames, The (2) Reference (397)
Carmen, Eric (2) Crystal Method (5) Regiony (3806)
Carmichael, Hoagy (7) Cub (7) Spole?nost (1106)
Carnes, Kim (6) Cuddy, Jim (2) Sporty (1515)
Carola (3) Cult, The (11) V?da (196)
Caroline's Spine (3) Cultivators, The (3) Volný ?as (1418)
Carpenter, Mary Chapin (10) Culture Club (9) Zdraví (300)
Carpenters, The (44) Cummings, Burton (12) Zpravodajství (69)
Carr, Amy (1) Cupcakes (5) Lodging (1)
Carrack, Paul (3) Cure, The (85) Travel Services (3)
Carrier, Chubby (3) Curfman, Shannon (5) Domov (174)
Carrier, Roy (2) Current 93 (5) Hry (302)
Cars, The (6) Cyclefly (4) Kultura (1894)
Carson Downey Band, The (3) Cypress Hill (12) Nakupování (637)
Cartel (1) Czars, The (4) Obchod a služby (1552)
Carter, Aaron (50) C Note (5) Po?íta?e (1191)
Carter, Leslie (2) Advertising (0) Reference (397)
Carthy, Eliza (4) Construction and Maintenance (0) Regiony (3806)
Carthy, Martin (3) Afrikaans (685) Spole?nost (1106)
Cartoons, The (3) Arabic (917) Sporty (1515)
Casal, Neal (2) Armenian (358) V?da (196)
Case, Neko (9) Azerbaijani (231) Volný ?as (1418)
Case, Peter (3) Bable (95) Zdraví (300)
Cassar-Daley, Troy (5) Bahasa Melayu (354) Zpravodajství (69)
Cassidy, Eva (23) Bangla (35) Travel and Tourism (1)
Cassidy, Katie (2) Belarusian (52) Domov (174)
Cassius (4) Bosanski (1061) Hry (302)
Castillo, Randy (6) Bulgarian (1349) Kultura (1894)
Castle, Chris (2) Catalŕ (33332) Nakupování (637)
Catatonia (6) Chinese Simplified (12829) Obchod a služby (1552)
Catch, C.C. (28) Chinese Traditional (4534) Po?íta?e (1191)
Catch 22 (2) Cymraeg (283) Reference (397)
Cathcart, Carter (2) Czech (14557) Regiony (3806)
Catherine Wheel (18) Dansk (51142) Spole?nost (1106)
Catheters, The (3) Deutsch (371881) Sporty (1515)
Cattle Company, The (2) Eesti (1202) V?da (196)
Cat Power (8) Espańol (134474) Volný ?as (1418)
Cause and Effect (2) Esperanto (2415) Zdraví (300)
Cave, Nick (24) Euskara (3177) Zpravodajství (69)
Caviar (2) Faroese (68) Domov (174)
Ceberano, Kate (3) Farsi (1231) Hry (302)
Cee-Lo (2) Français (134127) Kultura (1894)
Celtic Frost (2) Frysk (45) Nakupování (637)
Celtic Legacy (4) Gaeilge (67) Obchod a služby (1552)
Celtus (2) Galego (708) Po?íta?e (1191)
Cerbone, Lisa (2) Greek (3335) Reference (397)
Certain Ratio, A (4) Hebrew (2257) Regiony (3806)
Chad and Jeremy (2) Hindi (545) Spole?nost (1106)
Chag, Niraj (1) Hrvatski (3018) Sporty (1515)
Chan, Agnes (3) Indonesia (3098) V?da (196)
Chan, Kit (3) Interlingua (66) Volný ?as (1418)
Chan, Priscilla (6) Íslenska (641) Zdraví (300)
Chandra, Sheila (5) Italiano (122249) Zpravodajství (69)
Changelings, The (2) Japanese (87743) Domov (174)
Chantels, The (3) Kannada (59) Hry (302)
Chapin, Harry (16) Kiswahili (47) Kultura (1894)
Chapman, Beth Nielsen (2) Korean (7564) Nakupování (637)
Chapman, Roger (2) Kurdish (488) Obchod a služby (1552)
Chapman, Tracy (13) Latvian (531) Po?íta?e (1191)
Charles, Ray (11) Lëtzebuergesch (14) Reference (397)
Charles, Vince (1) Lietuvi? (2620) Regiony (3806)
Chavis, Boozoo (3) Lingua Latina (82) Spole?nost (1106)
Chavis, Karan (2) Magyar (4577) Sporty (1515)
Chayanne (6) Makedonski (262) V?da (196)
Cheap Trick (16) Marathi (38) Volný ?as (1418)
Checker, Chubby (2) Nederlands (72536) Zdraví (300)
Chemical Brothers (18) Norsk (14574) Zpravodajství (69)
Chemlab (7) Occitan (134) Industries (20)
Chenier, C.J. (4) Polska (89264) Domov (174)
Chenier, Clifton (4) Portuguęs (13653) Hry (302)
Cherry, Eagle-Eye (9) Punjabi (46) Kultura (1894)
Cherry, Neneh (3) Român? (9009) Nakupování (637)
Cherry Poppin' Daddies (5) Rumantsch (24) Obchod a služby (1552)
Chesnutt, Vic (5) Russian (23671) Po?íta?e (1191)
Chevelle (1) Sardu (306) Reference (397)
Chic (8) Shqip (365) Regiony (3806)
Chicago (17) Slovensko (561) Spole?nost (1106)
Chicane (2) Slovensky (1326) Sporty (1515)
Chicks on Speed (4) Srpski (2126) V?da (196)
Chieftains, The (11) Suomi (11782) Volný ?as (1418)
Child, Jane (5) Svenska (40194) Zdraví (300)
Children of Dub (2) Tagalog (212) Zpravodajství (69)
Childs, Toni (7) Taiwanese (154) Domov (174)
Chilliwack (4) Tamil (198) Hry (302)
Chills, The (5) Tatarça (105) Kultura (1894)
China Crisis (1) Telugu (205) Nakupování (637)
Chino XL (3) Thai (1268) Obchod a služby (1552)
Chisholm, Melanie (42) Türkçe (14328) Po?íta?e (1191)
Chixdiggit (7) Ukrainian (1056) Reference (397)
Chordettes, The (3) Vietnamese (760) Regiony (3806)
Christian, Frank (2) Arts and Entertainment (0) Spole?nost (1106)
Christians, The (2) Business and Economy (2) Sporty (1515)
Christian Death (7) Education (0) V?da (196)
Christines, The (2) Government (0) Volný ?as (1418)
Christmas (3) Guides and Directories (0) Zdraví (300)
Christodal, Jude (9) Health (0) Zpravodajství (69)
Christy, Lauren (4) Maps and Views (0) Encyklopedie (4)
Chris and Cosey (7) News and Media (0) Knihovny (55)
Chuck D (4) Recreation and Sports (0) Mapy (33)
Chumbawamba (19) Science and Environment (0) Muzea (64)
Church, Charlotte (10) Society and Culture (1) Seznamy (4)
Church, The (36) Transportation (0) Slovníky (24)
Cibo Matto (4) Travel and Tourism (0) Vzd?lávání (213)
Cinder (2) Weather (0) Encyklopedie (4)
Cinderella (9) Real Estate (1) Knihovny (55)
Cindytalk (2) Lodging (5) Mapy (33)
Cinerama (7) Travel Services (16) Muzea (64)
Circle Jerks (6) Reviews and Previews (3) Seznamy (4)
Citizen Cope (3) Immobiliari (1) Slovníky (24)
Citizen King (3) Arts and Entertainment (14) Vzd?lávání (213)
City High (3) Business and Economy (62) Aviation (8)
CKY (11) Education (5) Ferries (5)
Clam Abuse (2) Health (2) Rail (15)
Clannad (5) News and Media (4) Alternative Systems (8)
Clan of Xymox (11) Society and Culture (14) Clocks and Watches (4)
Clapton, Eric (53) Transportation (2) Current Time (35)
Clark, Guy (5) Travel and Tourism (3) Horology (31)
Clark, Petula (6) Weather (2) Vastgoed (1)
Clarks, The (9) Arts and Entertainment (4) Afrika (13)
Clarkson, Kelly (26) Business and Economy (8) Asie (16)
Clash, The (44) Education (7) Austrálie a Oceánie (8)
Clawfinger (3) Health (3) Evropa (114)
Clayderman, Richard (2) Society and Culture (4) Jiho?eský kraj (293)
Clayton-Felt, Josh (2) Transportation (2) Jihomoravský kraj (260)
Cleopatra (4) Travel and Tourism (5) Jizerské hory (14)
Click Click (2) Education (0) Jižní Amerika (14)
Climie Fisher (3) Recreation and Sports (2) Karlovarský kraj (92)
Clinic (7) Transportation (1) Královehradecký kraj (192)
Clock DVA (4) Arts and Entertainment (1) Liberecký kraj (318)
Clooney, Rosemary (6) Travel and Tourism (3) Moravskoslezský kraj (380)
cLOUDDEAD (2) Automotive (5) Olomoucký kraj (168)
Cloudtalk (1) Computers and Internet (1) Pardubický kraj (140)
Clutch (5) Construction and Maintenance (4) Plze?ský kraj (155)
Co.Uk (2) Food (2) Praha (540)
Coal (4) Legal Services (3) Severní Amerika (14)
Coal Chamber (16) Manufacturing (7) St?ední Amerika (16)
Coasters, The (6) Real Estate (7) St?edo?eský kraj (522)
Cochran, Anne (2) K-12 (8) Ústecký kraj (180)
Cochran, Eddie (7) School Districts (1) Vyso?ina (179)
Cochrane, Tom (5) School Libraries (2) Zlínský kraj (152)
Cockburn, Bruce (9) Dentistry (1) Šumava (11)
Cocker, Joe (8) Organizations (2) Afrika (13)
Cocteau Twins (16) Religion (5) Asie (16)
Code Red (3) Lodging (2) Austrálie a Oceánie (8)
Cohen, Adam (4) Bed and Breakfast (1) Evropa (114)
Cohn, Marc (2) Maps and Views (1) Jiho?eský kraj (293)
Coil (7) Lodging (0) Jihomoravský kraj (260)
Cold (4) Arts and Entertainment (40) Jizerské hory (14)
Coldplay (28) Business and Economy (94) Jižní Amerika (14)
Cold Chisel (5) Counties (1220) Karlovarský kraj (92)
Cole, Holly (4) Education (154) Královehradecký kraj (192)
Cole, Jude (2) Government (85) Liberecký kraj (318)
Cole, Lloyd (3) Guides and Directories (10) Moravskoslezský kraj (380)
Cole, Natalie (8) Health (38) Olomoucký kraj (168)
Cole, Nat King (8) Localities (8857) Pardubický kraj (140)
Cole, Paula (6) Maps and Views (5) Plze?ský kraj (155)
Cole, Samantha (2) Metro Areas (313) Praha (540)
Collective Soul (11) News and Media (6) Severní Amerika (14)
Collins, Judy (4) Recreation and Sports (43) St?ední Amerika (16)
Collins, Phil (18) Regions (574) St?edo?eský kraj (522)
Collusion Inc. (1) Science and Environment (42) Ústecký kraj (180)
Colorfinger (3) Society and Culture (230) Vyso?ina (179)
Color Me Badd (5) Transportation (6) Zlínský kraj (152)
Colosseum (6) Travel and Tourism (74) Šumava (11)
Colourbox (7) Weather (7) Calendars (27)
Colvin, Shawn (8) Arts and Entertainment (9) Clocks and Timers (57)
Combs, Sean (14) Business and Economy (30) Personal Organizers (54)
Combustible Edison (8) Education (15) Phone and Address Managers (24)
Coming Century (3) Government (4)

Web Sitesi

Manage appointments and tasks. Program starts automatically when Outlook Express is started.
Software overview, screenshots, FAQs, and trial download.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Time and Chaos
Track your address book, appointment schedule and to do list from one screen with network support
for shared databases.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

HTP Assignment Organizer
A program designed specifically for students. The program can help you keep track of your
assignment deadlines, as well as alert you to assignments that are impending within a specified
number of days. It also includes sorting and printing capabilities.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Adler Software LLC
Software to keep track of appointments and scheduled activities. Manage those impossible bookmark
lists. Save all passwords in one place and keep track of Activation keys. Product specifications,
tutorials, FAQs, and downloads. [Mac/MacX/Windows]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Skinable desktop notes to remind one of important things to do. Once on screen, stickies will
remain where placed until closed, even through reboots. Support for other languages in the

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Personal Assistant
Full-featured personal information manager and day planner. Manage appointments, to-do lists, and
schedules. Set it up to send a visual or audible alarm for notification of things to be done.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Desktop Notes
Program to post notes on the Windows desktop. With the ability to use pictures as background for
notes. [Windows 95/98/ME/2k/XP]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

3Day Organizer
Organize contacts, passwords, RTF notes, all kinds of attachments into one single place, for
personal or business use.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

My Own Estate Booklet
Estate planning, preparation and organization made easier using one of the pre-formatted Booklet.
Available in three different versions: PDF view and print format, electronic entry, and mail order
CD. Software downloads and FAQs.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

MoRUN.net Sticker
Desktop sticky notes organizers with password protection. Three versions offered Standard,
Professional, and Light Edition. Software overview, FAQs, support, trial downloads, and purchasing

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Sol 3 Logic
Windows utility software for personal productivity and self awareness. Includes; ShowMessage
application for displaying reminder messages. [Windows 98SE/2000/XP]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Desktop Notes dtNotes
Create notes and reminders using the tray icon clicking, shortcut menu or hot keys.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Universal Village Community
Internet based collaboration, and media application that contains all the functionality of a
personal organizer. Online address book, instant messenger, online calendar, video conference and
task tracker suite. FAQs, product details, screenshots, and download.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

My Performing Arts
Software program to input all details of any theatre performance for storage and remembrance.
Download a free trial copy.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Tree Notes
Accommodates any kind of data and organize it in a tree outline form using Explorer-like interface.
Features search and replace, print, and merge.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Simply Sensible Software
Personal productivity software, address book download and free trial download of Scheduler 2.0 a
complete information manager.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Programming Sunrise Ltd.
Smart Diary Suite is a total personal information manager, it can be simple or extensive, fully
customized and skinable to meet all current and future needs.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Quick Notes Plus
Productivity and management tool which is used to create Sticky Notes on Windows Desktop. Notes are
Rich Text (Formatted Text) enabled.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Argentum Coolbase
A data organizer that can keep any kind of information in a tree outline database. It can serve as
a note taker, a diary keeper, database software, a personal contact list, a link organizer, a photo
album, and a text editor.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

A card-index information management program to sort out information into categories.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

YourSoft - HyperCalendar
Combines a calendar, a multimedia alarm clock, an encrypted rich text diary and sound recorder.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Business and home software development company. Develops software, which can help to organize
personal information and data.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Chistyacov Software
CS Desktop Notes a virtual sticky note program for windows.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

WinCat Organizer
Organizer that is a planner and notepad combined in one application. It is a compact and
easy-to-use notebook designed for storing various textual information. Track tasks and, program
will notify of upcoming tasks.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Urimont.com - Task Organizer
Task and job reminder program that integrates with the Windows system tray and loads when Windows
starts. Free and shareware version. [Windows. 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Tiger Working Group
Sticky note utility, that has the ability to customize the Windows taskbar clock.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Pangalactic Software, Inc.
Things To Do Today is a personal information manager features create recurring tasks, set alarms,
send your tasks by e-mail, and multi-user support.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Morun.net Sticker
Create highly customizable sticky notes and reminders with snooze feature on the desktop.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The All-in-One Journal
Full featured journal that offers the added flexibility of sharing journal entries with other

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Create telephone directories, as well as graphical directories with information for personal
information management. It will print text or graphical directories.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Easy to use sticky notes organizer, free and shareware version. Multi language interface.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Adacute Software - The Adaptive Reminder
Keep track of important matters, control the amount of time children spend on the computer, will
display a pop-up window in the center of the screen or by blinking the Icon next to the clock in
the System Tray.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Taskline - Task Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook
Productivity tool that schedules tasks, giving each task a recommended start and finish date. It
can also place tasks in Outlook's Calendar.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

MultiCalendar Technology Limited, LLC
A handy tool for calendar and schedule management.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

GYZ Personal Database
A Windows application that let users store personal or business contacts, memos, or other
information, using custom-defined templates.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

1st Solution - Software Developers
Journal Protected is a very secure journal for your computer with full support for multiple users,
password protected files, settings and entries, advanced encryption methods, calendar view options,
expanded preference settings, and file backup capabilities.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Influx Organizer
Keep track of daily tasks and events, features include easy-to-use agenda and to-do list, notes,
contact list, quick links and alarms.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Appointment manager and reminds of up coming appointments every time the computer is switch on.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Program used to combine the power of Microsoft Outlook, and the portability of cell phones. Will
inform individuals, via the cellphone, of meeting schedules, task deadlines, and provides urgent
email notifications.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Forever Journal
Multi-faceted journal software that is secure and password protected. [Windows95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT]
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Riveted: Making Life Simpler
Schedule appointments and events for groups and yourself, make To Do lists, manage contacts,
utilize instant messaging, and share document, image and music files. Perfect for individuals or

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

System of addition notes, based on gesture. Create hierarchical trees for storing information to
organize, such as rich text, web pages, image files, and even binary files. Rich Text editor,
embedded web browser designed to browse the HTML/Image/Text files inside the program.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Solbex DailyTask
Easy to use task management system, define reminders for any task created never forget an important
meeting or things to do. [Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Milenix Software
Providers of MyInfo, this is a free form organizer, which makes organizing of ideas, documents and
bookmarks easy. [Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Duality Software
Maker of xReminder Pro reminder program, and A-book address manager.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

PIM Tools
Nino Contacts is a contacts and action manager for consultants and sales managers. OrMedia is a
Multimedia document manager. Win95/98/NT/2000.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Store and manage any textual and pictorial snippets of information: thoughts and ideas, texts and
images, web pages and email addresses, links to files and files themselves in a tree-like database.
[Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Java Contactor
A cross-platform Personal Information Manager (PIM) written in Java, so that it can be used on any
computer that has a 1.1.8 (or later) Java Virtual Machine (requires the Java Swing library as
well). One application to manage and communicate with all contacts at home and at work.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Sticky Paper
This program simulates 100% Post-It for monitor. Write down things to remember and will be display
on top of any other running programs. Right mouse button activates the pop-up menu to customize the
paper options such as font, paper size, paper color, and text color.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Symphonic Software
Designed for the home and small business, tracks all your contact info including photos, web sites,
kids, birthdays, conversations and user fields. Auto dial included. Automatically reminds you of
events and upcoming birthdays.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Activities and Priorities
AAP is the program that helps to decide which your activities are currently most important,
harmonize life and overcome stress.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

RedBox Organizer
Multi-featured, Personal Information Manager (PIM), with user friendly tools like reminder, to-do,
sticky notes, expenses tracker, address book, enhanced calendar and others that will make life

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Jot+ Notes
Note or cardfile program for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, hierarchical like an outliner, provides
formatting, and includes a wide variety of tools to help organise information. King Stairs

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Magic Notes
A note taking utility program for Windows, does repeating alarms, net send features, customize look
of notes, comes with numerous other features.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Skinnable sticky notes reminding program for Windows.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Software utility which helps you create reminders and notes on your windows desktop.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Lamantine's Cool Sheets
This program is intended for operating with the several virtual notes. Besides the usual options of
the similar programs, it provides a large amount of refreshing plugins, which allow user to select
the event that will activate correspondent note

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

A1 Visual Contact Pro
Interactive and web-enabled PIM or Contact Manager, that integrates with an email client, browser,
and word processor. Software descriptions, screenshots, download, and contact details.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

SaleSmartz Lite
Contact management PIM software with calendar, history, email, mail merge, and reports. Multi or
single user, runs on Macintosh or Windows.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

ConSaleSmartz Standard
Contact management software with calendar, history, email, mail merge, and reports. Full remote
synchronization, and label printing. Create mailouts, faxouts and even e-mail outs to thousands of
potential customers. Full built in search engine. [Win 95/98/NT/Macintosh]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Personal storage manager, (PSM) combining document retrieval, application launchpad and physical
item look-up capabilities, all in a single package backed by a keyword-driven search engine and a
high productivity user interface.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Appointment Book
Appointments system designed for use at the front desk in professional and small
business/administrative offices. It can service up to 16 consultants per book, with appointment
lengths ranging from 10 to 240 minutes.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

B.O.A. Systems
TinyDial, a complete Phone Dialer. TinyAlarm, a complete and amusing reminder service.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Manage and synchronise your diary, contacts, tasks and emails between your desktop applications,
your PDA and the web. [Win 95/NT/98/2000/ME]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Control your PC by sending it e-mail messages in plain english.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Stickums is a program that allows you to place stickies on your desktop. Provides technical
articles that range in topic and scope. [Win 95/98/NT]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Acute Software
Australian development company specializing in information management tools and utilities for small
business and home users.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Black Hole Organizer
Store your documents in a free-form database.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

MDE InfoHandler
Organizes all information, knowledge, documents, Internet bookmarks, and notes in one place.
Password protection and multi-user support.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Capstan Australia
Quick To-Do and Contact Expert are personal and corporate information management PIM software.
To-do list managers, contact managers, alarm reminders, appointment schedulers. [Single-user or
Network versions Win 9x/NT/2000]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

NovaHouse List Manager
List organizer to keep an unlimited number of lists, work with multiple lists simultaneously, and
move entries between lists and between applications. [Windows 95/98]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

EmmaSoft Software Company, Inc.
Currently produces the Darn! line of reminder programs, and EmmaSetup installers. As well, take on
occasional custom programming work.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

To-do List
A simple yet effective task management tool for Windows. The beauty of the program is its
simplicity. Ideal for home or office use and is suitable for anyone who needs to keep organized.
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

4t Calendar Reminder MP3
Reminder application that can remind about birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and other events,
can organize events in MS Outlook-like calendar and arrange ones in tree form using Explorer-like

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

WinInfo is an easy-to-use hierarchical personal organizer that allows the creation of hierarchical
trees for storing information.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

KC7JHO Software
Knowledge Store is an Information Management System to consolidate and organize all the sticky
notes, notepad pages, scraps of paper used to keep track of things going on throughout your
organization and home.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

A compact, colorful, and visually-oriented reminder tool, designed to work unobtrusively in the
background on your system, keeping track of current, or upcoming events.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Forty Software's Note Wonder
Sticky note browser program with email capability, templates and sounds manages all the daily
information too small for a Personal Information Manager (PIM) and too immediate for a document.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Tangible Solutions, Inc.
Easy to use organizer software designed to give instant access to daily contacts.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Contact Plus Professional
Contact management and sales force automation product.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Complete and personal writing software, a system of automated journals for daily writing and
notebooks for all your ongoing writing.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Dante' Productions
Developers of Electronic Assistantant Professional an information manager that includes an address
book, journal, collection organizer, appointment scheduler, ToDo list, and e-mail client. [Win

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

TheBrain Technologies Corporation
PersonalBrain ia a user interface that organizes all digital information in a single, visual
structure. It is a personal solution to information creation, storage and integration. Uers can
publish Brains over the Internet.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

LoneWolf Software
Phonebook 95 and To-Do 95. Award winning personal information manager PIM shareware. Phone address
organizers, to do list, alarm reminders, appointment schedulers, contact managers. [Win 95/98/NT]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Electronic organizer software, for individual and organization use. Windows 95/98/NT shareware, SQL
database (Microsoft, Sybase, or Oracle) required for multiuser use.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Above & Beyond
A personal information manager for planning, managing, and tracking a active business and personal

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Paraben's Contact Manager
A simple contact manager for the average PC user. It prints to most day-planner sizes for easy
replacement of outdated address books.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Event Master
Software designed for simplicity, includes an event reminder, calendar, notebook, alarm clock and
date calculator all rolled into one. For Windows: 3.x/95/97/98/2000/ME/NT.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check


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