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Mah Jongg
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Arts and Entertainment (1) Cherry Poppin' Daddies (5) Crawford, Billy (2)
Business and Economy (8) Chesnutt, Vic (5) Crazy Town (17)
Education (2) Chevelle (1) Cream (8)
News and Media (1) Chic (8) Creed (71)
Recreation and Sports (2) Chicago (17) Creedence Clearwater Revival (29)
Society and Culture (1) Chicane (2) Creeper Lagoon (2)
Accommodation (4) Chicks on Speed (4) Crenshaw, Marshall (3)
FAQ (2) Chieftains, The (11) Crespo, Elvis (1)
Implementations (1) Child, Jane (5) Crime and the City Solution (4)
Mailing Lists (1) Children of Dub (2) Croce, Jim (6)
Aftermarket (107) Childs, Toni (7) Crocketts, The (3)
OEM (38) Chilliwack (4) Crosby, David (4)
Software Tools (1) Chills, The (5) Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (16)
Business and Economy (7) China Crisis (1) Cross, David (2)
Health (0) Chino XL (3) Cross My Heart (4)
Travel and Tourism (3) Chisholm, Melanie (42) Crow, Sheryl (54)
Weather (1) Chixdiggit (7) Crowbar (5)
Real Estate (2) Chordettes, The (3) Crowded House (10)
Restaurants and Bars (1) Christian, Frank (2) Crowell, Rodney (3)
Software Tools (1) Christians, The (2) Cruel Sea, The (8)
Software Tools (1) Christian Death (7) Crumar, Phil (3)
C-Murder (2) Christines, The (2) Crushdown (1)
Cabaret Voltaire (6) Christmas (3) Cryan' Shames, The (2)
Cadogan, Kevin (2) Christodal, Jude (9) Crystal Method (5)
Caffey, Charlotte (3) Christy, Lauren (4) Cub (7)
Cage, Joel (2) Chris and Cosey (7) Cuddy, Jim (2)
Cake (10) Chuck D (4) Cult, The (11)
Cake Like (4) Chumbawamba (19) Cultivators, The (3)
Caldwell, Kimberly (8) Church, Charlotte (10) Culture Club (9)
Cale, J. J. (6) Church, The (36) Cummings, Burton (12)
Cale, John (8) Cibo Matto (4) Cupcakes (5)
California Guitar Trio (4) Cinder (2) Cure, The (85)
Call, The (2) Cinderella (9) Curfman, Shannon (5)
Calla (1) Cindytalk (2) Current 93 (5)
Callaway, Ann Hampton (3) Cinerama (7) Cyclefly (4)
Callen, Michael (3) Circle Jerks (6) Cypress Hill (12)
Calling, The (26) Citizen Cope (3) Czars, The (4)
Cam'ron (3) Citizen King (3) C Note (5)
Camarosmith (2) City High (3) Arts and Entertainment (6)
Camel (5) CKY (11) Business and Economy (56)
Cameo (2) Clam Abuse (2) Education (4)
Camouflage (4) Clannad (5) Health (7)
Campbell, Glen (5) Clan of Xymox (11) Recreation and Sports (1)
Campbell, Tevin (4) Clapton, Eric (53) Society and Culture (11)
Camper Van Beethoven (6) Clark, Guy (5) Travel and Tourism (0)
Can (13) Clark, Petula (6) Works (56)
Canadian Bush Party (2) Clarks, The (9) Personal Pages (4)
Candide (2) Clarkson, Kelly (26) Arts and Entertainment (0)
Candlebox (5) Clash, The (44) Business and Economy (0)
Candlemass (3) Clawfinger (3) Localities (216)
Candy Butchers (2) Clayderman, Richard (2) Provinces (2)
Candy Snatchers, The (1) Clayton-Felt, Josh (2) Society and Culture (0)
Cane 141 (2) Cleopatra (4) Travel and Tourism (10)
Canibus (7) Click Click (2) Die Hard - Nakatomi Plaza (3)
Canned Heat (4) Climie Fisher (3) Die Hard - Vendetta (5)
Cannibal Corpse (9) Clinic (7) Die Hard Arcade (1)
Cantrell, Blu (13) Clock DVA (4) Die Hard Trilogy Series (6)
Cantrell, Jerry (4) Clooney, Rosemary (6) Business and Economy (11)
Capercaillie (3) cLOUDDEAD (2) Travel and Tourism (5)
Captain and Tennille, The (4) Cloudtalk (1) Arts and Entertainment (4)
Caputo, Keith (4) Clutch (5) Business and Economy (77)
Cara, Irene (2) Co.Uk (2) Education (18)
Carcass (3) Coal (4) Government (2)
Cardiacs, The (1) Coal Chamber (16) Health (3)
Cardigans, The (8) Coasters, The (6) Society and Culture (16)
Carey, Mariah (106) Cochran, Anne (2) Travel and Tourism (4)
Carey, Tony (2) Cochran, Eddie (7) Weather (3)
Carlisle, Belinda (25) Cochrane, Tom (5) Afrikaans (685)
Carlos, Wendy (2) Cockburn, Bruce (9) Arabic (917)
Carlstrom, Emily (3) Cocker, Joe (8) Armenian (358)
Carlton, Vanessa (22) Cocteau Twins (16) Azerbaijani (231)
Carmen, Eric (2) Code Red (3) Bable (95)
Carmichael, Hoagy (7) Cohen, Adam (4) Bahasa Melayu (354)
Carnes, Kim (6) Cohn, Marc (2) Bangla (35)
Carola (3) Coil (7) Belarusian (52)
Caroline's Spine (3) Cold (4) Bosanski (1061)
Carpenter, Mary Chapin (10) Coldplay (28) Bulgarian (1349)
Carpenters, The (44) Cold Chisel (5) Català (33332)
Carr, Amy (1) Cole, Holly (4) Chinese Simplified (12829)
Carrack, Paul (3) Cole, Jude (2) Chinese Traditional (4534)
Carrier, Chubby (3) Cole, Lloyd (3) Cymraeg (283)
Carrier, Roy (2) Cole, Natalie (8) Czech (14557)
Cars, The (6) Cole, Nat King (8) Dansk (51142)
Carson Downey Band, The (3) Cole, Paula (6) Deutsch (371881)
Cartel (1) Cole, Samantha (2) Eesti (1202)
Carter, Aaron (50) Collective Soul (11) Español (134474)
Carter, Leslie (2) Collins, Judy (4) Esperanto (2415)
Carthy, Eliza (4) Collins, Phil (18) Euskara (3177)
Carthy, Martin (3) Collusion Inc. (1) Faroese (68)
Cartoons, The (3) Colorfinger (3) Farsi (1231)
Casal, Neal (2) Color Me Badd (5) Français (134127)
Case, Neko (9) Colosseum (6) Frysk (45)
Case, Peter (3) Colourbox (7) Gaeilge (67)
Cassar-Daley, Troy (5) Colvin, Shawn (8) Galego (708)
Cassidy, Eva (23) Combs, Sean (14) Greek (3335)
Cassidy, Katie (2) Combustible Edison (8) Hebrew (2257)
Cassius (4) Coming Century (3) Hindi (545)
Castillo, Randy (6) Common Rotation (4) Hrvatski (3018)
Castle, Chris (2) Como, Perry (6) Indonesia (3098)
Catatonia (6) Concrete Blonde (5) Interlingua (66)
Catch, C.C. (28) Connelly, Chris (6) Íslenska (641)
Catch 22 (2) Connors, Stompin' Tom (2) Italiano (122249)
Cathcart, Carter (2) Conway, Russ (7) Japanese (87743)
Catherine Wheel (18) Cook, Jesse (2) Kannada (59)
Catheters, The (3) Cooke, Sam (7) Kiswahili (47)
Cattle Company, The (2) Coolio (5) Korean (7564)
Cat Power (8) Cooper, Alice (34) Kurdish (488)
Cause and Effect (2) Cooper, Ray (5) Latvian (531)
Cave, Nick (24) Cooper Temple Clause, The (4) Lëtzebuergesch (14)
Caviar (2) Cope, Julian (13) Lietuvi? (2620)
Ceberano, Kate (3) Copeland, Stewart (5) Lingua Latina (82)
Cee-Lo (2) Coptic Rain (2) Magyar (4577)
Celtic Frost (2) Cornell, Chris (7) Makedonski (262)
Celtic Legacy (4) Corporate Avenger (2) Marathi (38)
Celtus (2) Corrosion of Conformity (4) Nederlands (72536)
Cerbone, Lisa (2) Corrs, The (89) Norsk (14574)
Certain Ratio, A (4) Coryell, Julian (4) Occitan (134)
Chad and Jeremy (2) Costa, Nikka (3) Polska (89264)
Chag, Niraj (1) Costello, Elvis (24) Português (13653)
Chan, Agnes (3) Cotton, Josie (3) Punjabi (46)
Chan, Kit (3) Cotton Mather (2) Român? (9009)
Chan, Priscilla (6) Couch, Danny (3) Rumantsch (24)
Chandra, Sheila (5) Counting Crows (22) Russian (23671)
Changelings, The (2) Count Zero (2) Sardu (306)
Chantels, The (3) Court, Susan (2) Shqip (365)
Chapin, Harry (16) Cousins, Tina (10) Slovensko (561)
Chapman, Beth Nielsen (2) Cousin Kevin (2) Slovensky (1326)
Chapman, Roger (2) Coverdale, David (5) Srpski (2126)
Chapman, Tracy (13) Cowboy Junkies (22) Suomi (11782)
Charles, Ray (11) Cowboy Mouth (11) Svenska (40194)
Charles, Vince (1) Cowsills, The (2) Tagalog (212)
Chavis, Boozoo (3) Cox, Deborah (6) Taiwanese (154)
Chavis, Karan (2) Coxon, Graham (9) Tamil (198)
Chayanne (6) CPR (2) Tatarça (105)
Cheap Trick (16) Cracker (8) Telugu (205)
Checker, Chubby (2) Cradle of Filth (35) Thai (1268)
Chemical Brothers (18) Cramps, The (4) Türkçe (14328)
Chemlab (7) Cranberries (36) Ukrainian (1056)
Chenier, C.J. (4) Cranes (10) Vietnamese (760)
Chenier, Clifton (4) CrashPalace (2) Government Agencies (14)
Cherry, Eagle-Eye (9) Crash Test Dummies, The (11) Online Databases (78)
Cherry, Neneh (3) Craving Theo (2)
Web Sitesi

Mah-Jongg Forum
Forum for players of the board game of Mah-Jongg.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

China Mahjong Organization
China Mahjong rules, scoring, resources, game downloads and forum.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Adelaide's Premier Mah Jong Club's Web site
A social group of players who play regularly on Friday evenings in Adelaide, South Australia.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Adelaide Mahjong Club
Adelaide's most sociable Mahjong club.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Three Player Mahjong, Introduction
How to play the game with links to other sites.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mahjong Denmark - Rules and history
Rules and history for the game.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mahjong for Dummies
A forum for the game.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Ultimate Mahjong
3D Mahjong Solitaire PC game for the whole family.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mini-Mahjong Game Set
Mahjong Game Sets for sale.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Windy Chows Mah Jong Club
Adelaide, South Australia Mah Jong Club.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Champion Mah jongg II
Site describes an easy to play Mah Jongg Solitaire game with free download.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Jonathan's Mah Jong Page
Rules, tiles, and appendices of related books and computer games.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Solitaire MahJongg
Guide to the computer tile-matching solitaire game. History, rules, layouts, tilesets, lists of
online, freeware, shareware and commercial games. Also Shisen-Sho and Ishido.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Red Dragon: Mah-Jong Calculation Program
Tool for tracking/calculating game results.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

How to Play Japanese Three Player Mahjong
Fast-pased variation of traditional-style Mah Jongg. Site describes the game and gives detailed
instructions on playing.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mah Jongg -- The Chinese Game of Four Winds
Provides links, software, books, and information on how to play. Also includes a list of movies,
television shows, and documentaries in which the game is featured.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Wright Patterson Officers Wives Club
This site has Wright Patterson OWC rules and sells copies of their book.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mahjong, The Ultimate
Play classical Chinese Mahjong with international players. Free registration.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mahjongg Solitaire at Heuse.com
Mah Jong Solitaire which features 120 Layouts, 24 Tile Sets, 36 Backgrounds and 15 great Music

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Has Q & A bulletin boards, basic information, rules, books, links, all about tiles, types of
sets, tips for buyers and sellers, newsgroups, and find a player.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Santiago's Mah Jong Page
This site features complete rules for playing Chinese-style Mah Jong, a glossary of common terms,
and printable quick-reference scoring tables.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Global Mahjong Network - Mahjong Club .NET
Global Mahjong Network
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Pretty Good MahJongg
Play the classic MahJongg solitaire tile matching game and original MahJongg tile games.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mah Jong History and Useful Information
Includes a history and introduction to the game, rules, and links.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

MoreJongg Tile Sets
Download Moraff Jongg tile sets. Also make your own tile set with background Music.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Research works on computing Mahjong.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mahjong Archives
This is a Mahjong archives that lets you search posts through an intuitive user interface. Has the
complete postings of the mahjong newsgroup news:rec.games.mahjong.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Kyodai Mahjongg - download
The goal of Kyodai Mahjongg is to remove all the tiles from the game board. Tiles can be removed
only in pairs (two identical tiles, two seasons, or two flowers) and must be free on their left or
right side. Kyodai includes a MIDI playlist and two-player option, as well as MOD files support and
tile-removal animation. Free download.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Board Game Central: Mah Jongg
Contains a game overview, rules, game variations, links, downloadable software, and related books.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Over 60 free YourJongg/MoreJongg tilesets. Download and unzip.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mah Jongg Museum
Includes rules, history, images, sets, books, news, and links.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Singapore Mahjong
This site has the rules and a computer game for the Singapore style of Mahjong.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mahjong News
The Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper. News and software reviews. Information about online
gaming and tournaments. Articles and pictures.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mah Jongg Scoring Chart
Summary of the scoring for the standard game, including links to information about the game.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Playing Winning Mah Jongg
Has tips for winning, and links to books and game information.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Nanette Pasquarello's notes on playing Mahjong
Notes taken and adapted from various sources about the game.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Guide on how to play the game includes information on set up, rules, scoring, and winning.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Includes club rules, calendar, history, rankings, game history, symbolism, divination, rules,
strategies, and links from the Mah Jongg club of the Student Union of the Helsinki University of

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Korean Mahjong Rules
Korean set of rules including special hands, and scoring.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The Maj Exchange
Includes forums and FAQ.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mah Jong Collection
Tile illustrations and instructions for play.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mah Jongg
Includes related software, beginners guide, rules, history, symbolism, club and tournament listing,
and links.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Offers free web-based e-mail, forum, and links.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Mah Jong - Modern Japanese Rules
Rules for the modern Japanese version of the game.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check


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