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??? (57) Chan, Priscilla (6) Corporate Avenger (2)
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????? (141) Changelings, The (2) Corrs, The (89)
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????? ? ????? (266) Chapman, Tracy (13) Cotton Mather (2)
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Cadogan, Kevin (2) Chisholm, Melanie (42) Crespo, Elvis (1)
Caffey, Charlotte (3) Chixdiggit (7) Crime and the City Solution (4)
Cage, Joel (2) Chordettes, The (3) Croce, Jim (6)
Cake (10) Christian, Frank (2) Crocketts, The (3)
Cake Like (4) Christians, The (2) Crosby, David (4)
Caldwell, Kimberly (8) Christian Death (7) Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (16)
Cale, J. J. (6) Christines, The (2) Cross, David (2)
Cale, John (8) Christmas (3) Cross My Heart (4)
California Guitar Trio (4) Christodal, Jude (9) Crow, Sheryl (54)
Call, The (2) Christy, Lauren (4) Crowbar (5)
Calla (1) Chris and Cosey (7) Crowded House (10)
Callaway, Ann Hampton (3) Chuck D (4) Crowell, Rodney (3)
Callen, Michael (3) Chumbawamba (19) Cruel Sea, The (8)
Calling, The (26) Church, Charlotte (10) Crumar, Phil (3)
Cam'ron (3) Church, The (36) Crushdown (1)
Camarosmith (2) Cibo Matto (4) Cryan' Shames, The (2)
Camel (5) Cinder (2) Crystal Method (5)
Cameo (2) Cinderella (9) Cub (7)
Camouflage (4) Cindytalk (2) Cuddy, Jim (2)
Campbell, Glen (5) Cinerama (7) Cult, The (11)
Campbell, Tevin (4) Circle Jerks (6) Cultivators, The (3)
Camper Van Beethoven (6) Citizen Cope (3) Culture Club (9)
Can (13) Citizen King (3) Cummings, Burton (12)
Canadian Bush Party (2) City High (3) Cupcakes (5)
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Cane 141 (2) Clark, Guy (5) Czars, The (4)
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Canned Heat (4) Clarks, The (9) Arts and Entertainment (67)
Cannibal Corpse (9) Clarkson, Kelly (26) Business and Economy (88)
Cantrell, Blu (13) Clash, The (44) Counties (105)
Cantrell, Jerry (4) Clawfinger (3) Education (59)
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Carcass (3) Climie Fisher (3) Maps and Views (10)
Cardiacs, The (1) Clinic (7) News and Media (15)
Cardigans, The (8) Clock DVA (4) Recreation and Sports (34)
Carey, Mariah (106) Clooney, Rosemary (6) Regions (31)
Carey, Tony (2) cLOUDDEAD (2) Science and Environment (87)
Carlisle, Belinda (25) Cloudtalk (1) Society and Culture (165)
Carlos, Wendy (2) Clutch (5) Transportation (8)
Carlstrom, Emily (3) Co.Uk (2) Travel and Tourism (51)
Carlton, Vanessa (22) Coal (4) Weather (8)
Carmen, Eric (2) Coal Chamber (16) Africa (18)
Carmichael, Hoagy (7) Coasters, The (6) Asia (38)
Carnes, Kim (6) Cochran, Anne (2) Caribbean (11)
Carola (3) Cochran, Eddie (7) Central America (11)
Caroline's Spine (3) Cochrane, Tom (5) Europe (85)
Carpenter, Mary Chapin (10) Cockburn, Bruce (9) Middle East (18)
Carpenters, The (44) Cocker, Joe (8) North America (1368)
Carr, Amy (1) Cocteau Twins (16) Oceania (22)
Carrack, Paul (3) Code Red (3) South America (9)
Carrier, Chubby (3) Cohen, Adam (4) Advice (105)
Carrier, Roy (2) Cohn, Marc (2) Alternative Lifestyles (270)
Cars, The (6) Coil (7) Anger Management (29)
Carson Downey Band, The (3) Cold (4) Chats and Forums (7)
Cartel (1) Coldplay (28) Cyberrelationships (106)
Carter, Aaron (50) Cold Chisel (5) Dating (1853)
Carter, Leslie (2) Cole, Holly (4) Divorce (133)
Carthy, Eliza (4) Cole, Jude (2) E-zines (21)
Carthy, Martin (3) Cole, Lloyd (3) Etiquette (61)
Cartoons, The (3) Cole, Natalie (8) Flirting (10)
Casal, Neal (2) Cole, Nat King (8) Friendship (73)
Case, Neko (9) Cole, Paula (6) Kissing (28)
Case, Peter (3) Cole, Samantha (2) Long Distance (25)
Cassar-Daley, Troy (5) Collective Soul (11) Marriage (168)
Cassidy, Eva (23) Collins, Judy (4) Personal Pages (62)
Cassidy, Katie (2) Collins, Phil (18) Questionnaires (39)
Cassius (4) Collusion Inc. (1) Quotations (32)
Castillo, Randy (6) Colorfinger (3) Romance (67)
Castle, Chris (2) Color Me Badd (5) Web Rings (9)
Catatonia (6) Colosseum (6) Weddings (2117)
Catch, C.C. (28) Colourbox (7) Banktjänster (19)
Catch 22 (2) Colvin, Shawn (8) Försäkringar (51)
Cathcart, Carter (2) Combs, Sean (14) Informationstjänster (8)
Catherine Wheel (18) Combustible Edison (8) Kredit och inkasso (9)
Catheters, The (3) Coming Century (3) Lån (4)
Cattle Company, The (2) Common Rotation (4) Employment (0)
Cat Power (8) Como, Perry (6) Real Estate (0)
Cause and Effect (2) Concrete Blonde (5) Shopping (0)
Web Sitesi

Culinary Events Calendar
A calendar of food-related historical events, anniversaries and discoveries. Overview of the month
and day by day listings.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Antique Roman Dishes- Collection
Native Roman Ingredients and conversions, as well as recipes.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The Smorgasbord
Articles on food history, science, recipes for kids, kitchenware and the political impact of food
on society.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The Food Museum
Online educational museum about everyone's favorite subject, food. All about potatoes, rice, figs.
Programs and curriculum for schools.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Filipino Food: Before the Westerners
Overview of Filipino cuisine and its influences. Includes decriptions of the dishes the culture has

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Symbolism of the Pineapple
A brief history of how the pineapple has served as both a food and a symbol throughout the human
history of the Americas.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

In the Devil's Garden: A History of Sin and Forbidden Food
An examination of some food taboos that have shaped world history. (book excerpt)
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Savorys by Shenanchie
Articles on food and its traditions by country or time period. Includes relevant recipes, links,
cooking tips, readers e-mail.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Did You Bring Bottles?
A tour of American supermarket history and architecture from the 1920s through today. Historical
photographs, maps, area histories.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The History of Baby Feeding
Photographs and drawings of bottles and feeding utensils, descriptions of their use and their place
and impact in society.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Sushi History
Chronology, origin and genealogy of sushi in Japan are concisely overviewed by a table and chart.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Medieval Cookery
Recipes, information, and notes about cooking in medieval Europe.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

History of Food
Histories of tea, coffee, cheese, chocolate and a compliation of mediveal recipes from a variety of

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The A - Z of Exotic Foods
A dictionary of herbs, spices, and foods giving their historical, magical and medicinal qualities.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Sancho's Disturbing Recipes of the Eerie Past
Pages from 1930's-50's cookbooks, focusing on questionable recipes, styles, and content of the era.
Also links to other similar sites.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Not by Bread Alone: America's Culinary Heritage
An exhibit from the Cornell University Library. Includes information on early cookery books, food
nutrition and science, kitchen technology, and food processing.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

LAPL's Menu Collection
Database of menus stored in the Rare Book Room of the Los Angeles Public Library. Can be searched
by keyword, cuisine, restaurant, or date.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The Stewpot Period Culinary Guild
An unofficial guild dedicated to the practice and promotion of pre-seventeenth century cookery in
the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Tips on Tables
Vintage reviews of famous nightclubs and restaurants, mostly from the New York City area, viewed
here for the first time since they were published in the 1940s and 50s.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

American Food Century
A retrospective of American food, cooking, eating and drinking, including heritage recipes,
timeline, product jingles and feature articles about food history.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Lothene - A Short History of Porridge
A brief history of the traditional Scottish dish from Roman times to the present.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Army Subsistence History
History of the food, food services and cooks in the U.S. Army dating back to the Civil War.
Information provided by the Quartermaster Foundation.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

History of Turkish Cuisine
A report on the three eras of Turkish cooking development.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Canned Food 101
A site that describes the creation of canned food, how cans preserve food, and the inventor of
canned food.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

History of Pasta
The New Zealand Cyberguide to Flour Milling and Baking has a collection of information on the
history and making of pasta.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Ancient Roman Dishes
Recipes from Ancient Rome.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

History and Legends of Favourite Foods
History and legends of bechamel sauce, caviar, chili, chili con carne, eggnog, hot dogs, ice cream
and plum pudding. Trivia, quotes and recipes. From "What's Cooking America."

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Leite's Culinaria, Inc: Dining Through the Decades
A detailed recap of the food, trends and chefs of the 20th century. Recipes included.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Agropolis Museum
A science center dealing with topics such as food, nutrition, agriculture, with a historical
approach on a worldwide scale.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Cindy Renfrow
Author of transcription/redaction of several fifteenth century European cookbooks. Food links.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Food history publications by Patricia B. Mitchell. Documented anecdotal and written American
traditions: colonial, Victorian, Civil War, ethnic, and Southern regional.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

A Chaucerian Cookery
An examination of the foods found in the writings of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. Included is
A Chaucerian Feast, which contains recipes and instructions for presenting a feast based on

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The Gallery of Regrettable Food
A humorous look at cookbooks and food ads from the 1930s through the '60s, including Oscar Mayer's
breakthrough "Sack O' Sauce in a Can O' Meat".

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The Food Timeline
Origins of foods, historic recipes, extensive teaching resources and web links.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

A short history of the potato with recipes, cultivation instructions, safety notes, a wine recipe,
links and a bulletin board

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Food History News
A Web site for the quarterly publication Food History News, a newsletter dedicated to the history
of food in North America (and occasionally elsewhere).

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

One Planet
Histories and descriptions of culinary herbs and spices.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The Spelt Pages
Information site discussing the reintroduction and development of the ancient grain spelt Spelt is
an ancient grain, a "grandparent" of modern wheats

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Friends of the Pea [Soup]
A site dedicated to the preservation of the old custom in Sweden of having pea soup on Thursdays.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Cariadoc's Miscellany
Renaissance and medieval recipes
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
Articles, recipes, and summaries of books about Renaissance and Medieval cooking.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Renaissance and Medieval Food and Drink
An annotated bibliography of historical sites on the WWW about European food and drink during
the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

The Burgoo Page
Burgoo history and information. What is it? Where to get it? Who eats it?
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check


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