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Web Sitesi

Invision X Software
Specializes in computer optimization, security, and utility programs.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Program that sorts and controls files using predefined rules; moved, copied, and deleted. Supports
multiple hard and removable drives, and networks.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Free MD5 file integrity checker for Windows.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Folder To Drive
Subst-shell command and Windows GUI interface. Create virtual drive from any folder. Mount virtual
drives at Windows startup. Software overview, and download.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Nerd Generation
The Rename Program is shareware and uses a series of instructions to modify filenames, with the
ability to find and replace, add text, delete, and change file extensions. Services include bespoke
software engineering, data analysis and design, and reverse engineering.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Microsoft Word users, Microsoft Excel users, Microsoft PowerPoint users, Microsoft Office users and
Webmasters can rename or move linked files, in batch, without causing broken links in the files
that point to them.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Sync Folder
Visual file comparison/merging and folder synchronization application, reconciles entire branches
of source code.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Ace Utilities
System maintenance utilities for Windows featuring a Disk Analyzer, and empty folder finder.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Better File Rename
Shell extension for the Windows Explorer, which allows users to quickly rename multiple files.
utility transforms the often tedious and time-consuming task of renaming multiple files into a
simple matter of seconds. Plugin version for the Macintosh Finder is available.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Multithreaded COM component that watches the file system for file changes such as new files,
deleted files, renaming of files, and/or modification of files and an easy to use interface.
Encapsulates the ReadDirectoryChanges W API. [Windows NT3.51 with Service Pack 3 and greater

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Automatically synchronize the files from the laptop or notebook with the desktop automatically.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Transfer and synchronization of files between remote computers with and without networks using
intermediate device. Backup archiving of files and directories. Product specifications,
screenshots, and downloads.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Rename all the files in the specified directory and specified subdirectories so that filenames
containing Cyrillic letters are changed to the filenames with Latin letters only. [Windows NT

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

VU-Brief 3.2
Free utility to compare and synchronize directories and files between remote computers.
Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

System LifeGuard
Find and delete junk and duplicate files; organize data; clean registry; fully uninstall unwanted
programs; empty temporary folders; find and remove invalid links and protect internet privacy.
Software descriptions, screenshots, FAQs, download, and contact details.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Ultra WinCleaner 2002
It cleans all areas of the Windows operating system, including unnecessary files, Internet clutter
as well as the physical memory. Cleans and defrags the computers memory. Download trial version,
provides free 24 hours support.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Baobab Software
Manage, compare, synchronize files through ftp (mobility), backup, on Internet and in zip
(cooperative work). Baobab Network is available in France only. [Windows 98/NT/2000/XP]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Alex Fauland's Tools and Utilities
Windows freeware for file renaming, splitting, merging, and text replacement. English and German

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

SyncPro Backup
Synchronize, transfer, backup and archive folders and files between the same drive, another drive
or across a network, with a single click. [Windows]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Direct Folders
Access most recent and favorite folders directly from the standard File Open and File Save dialog
boxes, as well as Explorer, WinZip and WinRAR. Can also automatically resize file dialogs, switch
to the details view and set keyboard focus to the file list.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

This software monitors the changes in the hard drive(s) and registry on the system using saved
catalog files. 32-bit application for the Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000 platform.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

A versatile free file management and synchronization utility by Pixelab, Inc. Features over 200
variations in its command switches, copies security information for NTFS volume archiving. Creates
customized backup and archive batch scripts. For Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, runs in command line mode.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Disk and file Windows cataloging tool for CD-ROM, ZIP, MO, FD and hard disks. View the directories
of all the stored media with an Explorer-like browser.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

File Synchronization Software utility for Windows and Macintosh files on NT/2000. Features the
ability to fully preserve Macintosh filenames and structures when stored on a Windows NT/2000

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

WinISO is a CD-ROM image file utility that can convert BIN to ISO, extract/edit/create ISO files
directly, make bootable CDs and as a BIN/ISO converter/extractor/editor.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Ubiquity Technologies Inc.
Advanced File Replication and Management Products based on Peer to Peer Technology. Provides java
based products for scalable file distribution solutions.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Improves the standard file dialogs of Windows Open/Load/Save with new features. Automatically
resize all that file dialogs and will be possible to have a history of recently used files and
folders and a list of favorites.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

everStor Software Corporation
Enterprise storage management software, including solutions for file synchronization and archiving,
hierarchical storage management (HSM), and tape or optical library handlers.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Soft Experience Integration Software
Windows and Macintosh shareware and freeware file management and synchronization utilities include
Catalogue, MacExplorer, MacNames, Idem, BriefAudit, SumInfos, IpaPurge, and others.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Arup: Columbus
Free document management tool to organize data the way it is perceives. Gather data under one
heading even though it is spread across multiple servers around the globe accessed by different
methods and is on multiple file systems. It can view over 300 file formats. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Compuware's File-aid Products
Provides an enterprise data management workbench, to quickly and easily find, create, extract,
transfer, convert, load, edit, age and maintain data.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

hIOmon From hyperI/O
Advanced performance analysis tool that measures and monitors disk I/O operations at the file
level, includes a Java based GUI that will view either locally or remotely over the network the
file I/O performance information collected. [Win NT/2000/XP]

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Advanced File Organizer
Windows cataloging tool for organizing disks. It helps to catalog all files, folders and volumes by
hierarchical categories.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Fineware Systems
Shareware Windows utilities. File Ferret and Space Hound search, manage files, and eliminate
duplicates, Data Pouch stores information, Password Squirrel, Attributer sets file properties,
Peeper is a file viewer.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

ABM Software
Directory Report is a directory printer that is loaded with features such as prints to a printer,
text file or Excel file, multiple file rename, searches for duplicate files, prints WAV and MP3
information, and computes file and directory Cyclic Redundancy Check (crc).

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

iolo Technologies
System Mechanic is a full set of fifteen powerful system management utility tools built for

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Peer Software, Inc.
Easy, flexible, and transparent data management solutions including real-time file backup and
synchronization. Server and web-sever replication and mirroring. Continuous desktop protection.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Funduc Software
Windows shareware and freeware, file management utilities include Search and Replace, Directory
Toolkit for comparison and compression, command line Folder Synchronize, File Merge Express.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check

Glenn Alcott Software
Windows shareware. Super Explorer file manager, Directory Printer, Directory Compare, Super Text
Search, FontLook previewer.

Reviews Rating: Not yet Rated Whois Check


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